Odds and Ends

I'm scared that I don't know Harvard's campus enough...suggestions?

Check out The Harvard University Map. It's searchable! In addition, there is a Harvard University app that is downloadable on the App Store (sorry Android users).

I am an international student and I'll have to register with the HIO. Will I be able to do so during FUP week?

Although the HIO wants students to register as soon as possible after arriving, there is no set deadline for registering. It is just easier for them to get organized before the school year begins. Registration takes about 15 minutes - you'll fill out a form and they'll make sure that your passport is in order for academic registration. The HIO office is open M-F, 9-5 pm. If you have any more questions, you can call them at 617.495.2789.

I'm interested in doing community service at Harvard after FUP. Where should I go?

For more information about the public service options on campus, please visit: http://publicservice.fas.harvard.edu/home. We encourage you to stop by the Phillips Brooks House, which is the home for public service at Harvard College.  

During orientation, there will be an activities fair where you can find out about student organizations on campus, including service opportunities.  Your FUPleaders are a great resource as they have been chosen because of their leadership in community service programs on campus.