The Basics

What is FUP? 

Read our About Page and Mission Statement and find out about the awesomeness of FUP.

Can I participate in two pre-orientation programs?

Nope. Everything happens at the same time: FUP, FAP, FIP, FOP, FYRE, LIFE, Dorm Crew. Those other programs are great but we offer community, service and social change and fun! Come to FUP, where we already think you are awesome.  

What is the program fee for FUP? 

Normally, FUP has a voluntary program fee to keep the program accessible to all.Essentially, you can pay what you feel is affordable for your financial situation. This means you can pay any amount that seems reasonable to you or nothing at all.  If FUP has to be virtual, there is no fee at all. 

When does FUP start?

FUP 2021 will be held virtually. The dates of FUP are August 12-16th; there will be asynchronous and live sessions. All live sessions-- which will likely be dialogue groups and service project teams are mandatory. Attendance for all dialogue groups is mandatory as are all service project team meetings, as we are committing to making sure we meet our obligations to our community partners.  

Everyone is vaccinated and I want to see them all before I leave for Cambridge-- what parts of FUP can I miss? 

FUP 2021 will have virtual and asynchrounous parts; and we ask that you participate in all live events. It is the best way to experience FUP-- from meeting new friends, learning about life at Harvard, exploring issues of social justice and completing vital service projects for our community partners. There will be breaks throughout the days because its not possible nor healthy to be on zoom 24/7.  There should be time to fit in your "til we meet again" visits but we do ask that you are available for all components of FUP.