The Basics

What is FUP? 

Read our About Page and Mission Statement and find out about the awesomeness of FUP.

I want to do Dorm Crew's Fall Clean-up. Can I do that and FUP?

Nope. Everything happens at the same time: FUP, FAP, FIP, FOP, FYRE, LIFE, Dorm Crew. Those other programs are great but we offer community, service and social change and fun! Come to FUP, where we love you dearly. 

What is the program fee for FUP? 

In order to keep the program as accessible as possible, there is a voluntary program fee. Essentially, you can pay what you feel is affordable for your financial situation. This means you can pay any amount that seems reasonable to you or nothing at all.  More details will be provided when you are notified that you will be participating in FUP.  

When does FUP start?

FUPpies must arrive on Wednesday, August 19, 2020. Please schedule your flight so you arrive on campus between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm. These dates are subject to change, but if you apply to FUP, you will be notified directly of these changes. Please do not arrive early as housing is not available until the 19th. If for any reason you must arrive early (i.e. there are no flights from your home to Boston that arrive on Tuesday); please tell us and we will see what we can do. 

My aunt lives in Boston and gets lonely on Tuesdays. Will I have time to visit her during FUP?

FUP is keeps participants pretty busy, making it difficult to break away to visit family or friends, or do errands. Getting enough sleep is a frequent challenge. On a more serious note, if you need to take care of any urgent issues which would require you to leave program (i.e. related to health or religious observances), please contact us and we will work with you. 

Where am I going to live during FUP week? And after?

FUP will be housed in Thayer Hall, one of the first-year dorms in Harvard Yard. On the morning of Tuesday, August 26th, we'll be moving ALL of our stuff into a secure temporary storage site in Harvard Yard. Later in the day, you will be able to move into your dorm room, your new home for the next nine months. Lest you feel the hankering to unpack, we'll warn you in advance that you have about two hours to unpack, before dinner and evening activities.  Also, you should wait till your roommates arrive to decide on how to share the room. So, if your family/friends would like to help with the move, please have them plan to come on Wednesday morning, the official day of move-in (August 27th, 2020)