The Basics

What is FUP? 

Read our About Page and Mission Statement and find out about the awesomeness of FUP.

Can I participate in two pre-orientation programs?

Nope. Everything happens at the same time: FUP, FAP, FIP, FOP, FYRE, LIFE, Dorm Crew. Those other programs are great but we offer community, service and social change and fun! Come to FUP, where we already think you are awesome.  

What is the program fee for FUP? 

Normally, FUP has a voluntary program fee to keep the program accessible to all.  Essentially, you can pay what you feel is affordable for your financial situation. FUP costs about $450 per person howver a voluntary program fee means you can pay any amount that seems reasonable to you or nothing at all.  

When does FUP start?

FUP 2022 will be held August 19-25th.    Arrive at noon on the 19th.