Transportation and Move In

FUP 2022 will be live for the first time since 2019!!  And thus much of this section is under review and will change. .

I'm expected to arrive on campus between noon and 3pm but I don't like getting up early, so I scheduled a flight that arrives in Boston at 4:30 p.m. I can still attend, rigth? 

We ask that you arrive at Harvard before 3:00 because we have programming scheduled that cannot be postponed and a group dinner.  Having said that, there are legitimate reasons for arriving late (i.e. there is just one flight from Fargo to Boston--this was the case one year!), and we just need to know ahead of time. Please tell us if you will be late, so we can make sure a FUP leader welcomes you, helps you move in and find the rest of the group.

Similar to the question abve: flights between my home and Boston are very limited, so I'm going to arrive a day early. What do I do?

We understand that airline schedules can be difficult but we encourage you to make every effort to not arrive early. The main reason for this is that your housing will not be ready.  If you can't help but arrive a day early, please notify us RIGHT AWAY by email and tell us why you will be arriving early and what time you will be arriving. Any accomodation provided would be very basic (like on the floor of someone's room) and FUP will not be able to provide any food, activities, or entertainment until start of FUP.  

I ordered an HSA dorm essentials package to pick up once I arrive on campus.  Will there be time at the beginning of FUP to do so or will I have to sleep without bed sheets?

No worries! Several students order some of their dorm supplies this way and we will have a FUP leader available to direct anyone in this boat to where the HSA packages are held before the end of the first day!

How do I get from Logan Airport to Harvard? to Thayer?

The most cost effective way (and given Boston traffic, sometimes faster) is to take the T (i.e. subway). Here's what you do: exit the terminal and look for the nearest Silver Line bus stop. Get on the bus and ride to South Station (for free!). There, hop off and look for signs to the Red Line. You want to take the train going toward 'Alewife'. Get off at Harvard. In the station, take the stairs up, NOT the ramp down. Then take the "Harvard Yard" exit. And there you are! Johnston Gate! You should be greeted by FUPleaders in purple t-shirts. If somehow you miss us, head to Thayer Hall where we will have registration tables. 

To get from Johnston Gate to Thayer, walk through the gate. Walk directly toward the big grey building. Turn left before hitting the grey building or the John Harvard Statue. Thayer is the building directly to the left of (just north of) the grey building.

Of course hopping in a taxi or Uber/Lyft/Safr/ride share is easier but more expensive. A regular taxi may cost up to $45. If you choose this way, tell your driver to go to  "Harvard University, Johnston Gate." If your driver doesn't know where the Gate is, just tell them it's by the T entrance.

Also, if you want to take a cab but don't want to pay that much, let us know and we will try to match you up with other fuppies whose flights arrive around the same time so you can share a cab.