Packing List + Food & Supplies (the essentials)

AHH! What should I pack?

Think comfortable. While we will have a combination of skills-based projects (i.e. projects that require application of technical skills and analysis) and direct service projects (i.e. projects that require physical effort like painting, cleaning, registering voters, canvassing); bring clothes to be comfortable during August in Boston. Yes, it gets hot. Yes, it rains. Dress comfortably. Closed toe shoes (i.e. sneakers, workboots) that are comfortable to walk in will be important. 

Finally, here's a handy-dandy check list:
- comfortable, grungy clothes and shoes suitable for warm weather (yes, Massachusetts in August is HOT; the cold and snow will come later, we promise)
- bed linens (sleeping bag/extra long sheets & blanket) and towel
- rain gear (optional, but may come in handy)
- toiletries (don't forget any prescription meds)/flip flops for those common bathrooms 
- water bottles/reusable drinking cups to reuse during the week
- about $50 for public transportation, one dinner out and assorted incidental costs (if this is a problem, please contact us!)
- sunblock, sunglasses 
- cell phone and charger 
- alarm clock or alarm watch (crucial! - we have some early mornings and you don't want to wake up to a FUPLeader pounding on your door) 

Should I bring my computer to FUP?

Yes, you should.  Just please remember to not leave your computer unattended. 

What if I forget to pack contact solution? soap? honey-mustard onion pretzels?

A major chain drug store, CVS, is right across the street from Harvard Yard. And the Shaw's supermarket is a T ride or a 15 minute walk away.

What's on the menu for the week?

We will be eating in the dining halls with take away lunches, usually sandwiches, apple, chips.  Snacks during evening sessions are also provided. Please make sure you provide any allergy/dietary restrictions information prior to arriving. The application for pre-orientation programs does ask you for this information.  

I'm allergic to some foods. Do I have to let you know?

YES! If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know as soon as possible.The application for pre-orientation programs does ask you for this information.  

I keep kosher. And I'm also vegan. Do I have to bring my own food? What's up?

Please tell us as soon as possible if you have any dietary restrictions. You should not need to bring your own food. We may ask you if there are certain foods we should have on hand.