Packing List + Food & Supplies (the essentials)

AHH! What should I pack?

We strongly suggest that you bring only what you will need for one week. There is no room for storage. Think comfortable. You will be painting, moving, cleaning, gardening, and lots of sandwich making. Bring clothes that you won't mind having splattered with paint, spackle or peanut butter and jelly. Sturdy work-boots are a plus if you have them; sneakers should be fine.

Finally, here's a handy-dandy check list:
- your reading packet (Don't forget! We won't have extras lying around)
- comfortable, grungy clothes and shoes suitable for warm weather (yes, Massachusetts in August is HOT; the cold and snow will come later, we promise)
- bed linens (sleeping bag/extra long sheets & blanket) and towel
- rain gear (optional, but may come in handy)
- toiletries (you know what you need)/flip flops for those common bathrooms 
- a plastic cup/nalgene/etc. that you can reuse during the week
- about $50 for public transportation and assorted incidental costs (if this is a problem, please contact us!)
- sunblock, sunglasses 
- work gloves if you have them (the garden variety) 
- paint/baseball cap 
- cell phone and charger 
- alarm clock or alarm watch (crucial! - we have some early mornings and you don't want to wake up to a FUPLeader pounding on your door) 

How should I get my stuff for the rest of the year to Harvard?

DO NOT bring it to FUP. We have no room for storage and have to run around the Yard with our bags trying not to let dorm crew throw away our clothes anyway; you do not want to be protecting your futon and XBox as well. If you live near Boston or like road trips, we recommend having a parent, guardian or relative throw all your stuff into a station wagon and drive it to Harvard on Tuesday, August 22nd, after FUP has ended and you have had a night to rest and digest. If you live far, far away, we recommend following Harvard College guidelines for mailing your stuff to school. You will want to address it to your Harvard Yard Mail Center address; the college will let you pick it up and take it to your room starting the morning of Tuesday, August 22nd. If your parents/guardians/friends want to help you move in, they should arrive then. 

Should I bring my computer to FUP?

Although there is no actual need for computers during FUP, we understand that you will want to Facebook your fellow FUPpies and mysterious leaders as soon as you meet them (if you haven't already). While this is completely understandable, keep in mind that FUP is not responsible for stolen or lost computers. There will be lots of people going in and out of Thayer during the day while we are gone at worksites (Dorm Crew, maintenance staff, etc) and on the last day of the program your luggage will be stored in a truck for most of the day. Nothing has been stolen in recent years but please keep the situation in mind when you're deciding what to bring.

We get showers in our suites, right?

Sorry, but Thayer has common bathrooms on each floor. There will be about six to eight people sharing each bathroom (two sinks, two shower stalls and two toilets). This means bring/buy flip flops and a shower caddy.

What if I forget to pack contact solution? soap? honey-mustard onion pretzels?

A major chain drug store, CVS, is right across the street from Harvard Yard. And C'est Bon Convenience is even closer. And the Shaw's supermarket is a T ride or a 15 minute walk away.

What's on the menu for the week?

Breakfast: donated pastries and cereal! Lunch: Sandwich options dependent on the day Dinner: dining hall food (yummy!) at one of the houses. Please make sure you provide any allergy/dietary restrictions information prior to arriving. 

I'm allergic to some foods. Do I have to let you know?

YES! If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know as soon as possible

I keep kosher. And I'm also vegan. Do I have to bring my own food? What's up?

Dinner is provided through one of the houses and FUP will make arrangements with the dining hall staff to provide kosher meals. It's nothing fancy, just a frozen dinner. (just fyi, Hillel food is GOOD) Breakfast, we usually get stuff donated and it's most likely not kosher. But there's always bread (which is usually kosher) from lunch that you can eat for breakfast. Vegan entrees as well as other items, such as tofu, soymilk, and rice milk, are available from Harvard University Dining Services. Please let us know in advance so we can make these arrangements.