Our Logo

30 years of awesomeness (aka FUP) checked off, we decided to update our logo to reflect the evolving and changing nature of FUP to ensure that it reflects our values.

Our logo above is a solid royal purple (#fuproyalty) -- acknowledging the history and colors of FUP. It incorporates 3 circles that represent the many different communities that comprise the FUP family and the communities that we serve. They also capture our core value of inclusion and represents our mission of creating a brave space for those who want to learn and think critically about service and activism. The circles are also intersecting, acknowledging and reflecting our firm belief in the intersectionality of our different identities and communities and the importance of solidarity in addition to our recognition that there is no hierarchy of oppressions. The fist, a classic symbol of the social justice movement, incorporates a more modern addition to FUP that was naturally incorporated into FUP's mission of service and activism.  

We owe our beautiful new logo to Edgar Garcia '18, FUP Leader extraordinaire and master designer and wanted to publicly acknowledge and thank him for all of his work. We hope that this new and updated logo signifies and represents the continued growth of FUP for years to come.