Meet the 2020 FUPLeaders!

Here are the fantastic group of upper-level students who will have been planning all summer for your FUP experience!  FUPleaders are all current students from across Harvard College, who are active in public service and activism on campus.  If you have a question about being a student at Harvard or activism and public service --these are the people to ask! 

Aaron Abai (he/him/his): ‘22, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Adelle Goldenberg (she/her/hers): ‘21, Philosophy

Alice Chang (she/her/hers): ‘22, History & Literature

Amelia Quezada (she/her/hers): `23 Undeclared

Andy Wang (he/him/his): ‘23, Undeclared

Anusha Zaman: ‘23, Undeclared       

Brandon Calderon (He/ Him/ His): ‘23, Undeclared

Catherine Ho (she/her/hers): ‘21, Neuroscience

Crystal Xue (she/her/hers): ‘22, Economics

Daniela Castro (she/her/hers): ‘22, Sociology

Dharma Seda Gonzalez (she/her/hers): ‘22, History & Literature and Anthropology

Drake Johnson (he/him/his): ‘22, African American Studies and Government

Farah Afify (she/her/hers): ‘22, Social Studies

Fatoumata Ouedrago (she her hers): ‘23, Undeclared

Hanna Mularczyk (she/her/hers): ‘21, Mathematics           

Hannah Fontaine (she/her/hers): ‘21, History & Literature

Hannah George (she/her/hers): ‘22, Government

Harshita Gupta (they/them and she/hers): ‘21, Social Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Henry Lear (he/him/his): ‘23, Undeclared

Joey Feffer (he/him/his): ‘21, Mathematics

Leo Garcia (he/him/his): ‘21, Sociology

Margaret Comentale (she/her/hers): ’23, Undeclared

Melissa Drake (she/her/hers): ‘21, Integrative Biology

Nicole Fintel   (she/her/hers): ‘23, Undeclared

Noah DiAntonio (He/him/his): ‘21, Social Studies

Raj Gambhir (he/him/his) :’21, Social Studies

Salma Elsayed (she/her/hers):  ‘23, Undeclared

Sonya Kalara (they/them/theirs): ‘21, Economics

Starr Rhee (she/her/hers): ‘21, Government

T'Ajmal Hogue (she/her/hers): ‘21, Psychology

Tabitha Escalante (she/her/hers):  ‘23, Undeclared

Veronica Santana (she/her/hers): ‘21, Applied Mathematics