The 2020 Reading Packet

Every year, FUP (The FUPprint) creates a reading packet which contains a series of readings (and a few videos) that are meant to encourage FUPpies to think about a wide variety of social justice issues before the discussion groups we will be having.  This packet has been assembled over the years, and adapted by each successive team of FUPLeaders.  

If you are attending FUP, please do your best at reading this packet in its entirety.  While it is a long document;  the table of contents has been formatted to allow you to navigate the document with greater ease and reduce the need to print out this document. This "reading packet" includes articles from a variety of news sources, as well as video links that talk about institutional, political and social practices which create challenges to creating an equitable and just society.  These articles and media clips may be incorporated into your discussion groups; so we highly recommend becoming familar.

The FUPprint itself is uploaded below!

read_only_fup_print_packet_2020.pdf2.41 MB